"Innovative has been invaluable to RCS over the past 10 years. Being in the telemarketing business we need a partner who will not only find us the best prices on the best products but also someone who will be there for us to make sure we are up and running 24/7. Innovative has been that partner for us."
Jo Jo Rubach, President, RCSNA

"Ellen Tucker has been coordinating all our telecommunication needs for 10 years. She is always there for us. She knows the right people and companies to get things done. If you are a small to medium sized business with a project or problem related to phone systems, phone lines, long distance, local, internet, whatever – CALL ELLEN. You will be glad you did."
Art Benson, Controller, Paris Gourmet

"Over the course of our 15 year business relationship, Innovative Telecom Solutions have always pointed us in the right direction. Ellen Tucker is the expert and as technology has changed she has always kept us current. She and her staff listen, understand our needs, and respond. Innovative Telecom Solutions is a valued partner."
Charles D'Elia Sr., Manager, Imperial Bag & Paper Co., LLC.

"After working with Innovative Telecom Solutions for years, I can truly say that they are dedicated to providing the best solutions for the best price. Their customer service is second to none. From the quote process to scheduling activation to installation, it was all handled with the professionalism I require from a telecom vendor. We recently moved 4 offices requiring a variety of services such as Fiber Internet, T1 and POTS Lines. ITS made it look easy by handling all installations with ease. While I am a very harsh critic I would have no problem doing business with them for years to come as well as recommending them to all my colleagues in the trade."
Jason S. Sabshon, Director of IT, Prolifics, A Semanticspace Company

"Ellen Tucker and her staff respond immediately to any problems that arise and will go to bat for us with vendors and others. She will always do what is in our best interest. Ellen is amazingly knowledgeable and always guides us as to the most appropriate solution for our business. We do not make any telecom decisions without her. We call her first! She is our most admired, trusted and important resource/consultant. She is an absolute delight to work with and she is an integral member or our W&G Family."
Ed Guttenplan, Managing Shareholder, Wilkin & Guttenplan, P. C.


"Innovative Telecom is one of the top agents that represent Optimum Lightpath. What separates Innovative from all the other telecom consultants is the focus on the customer. If there is something a customer needs they can sleep easy at night knowing that Innovative will get it done faster and better than anyone else. The best of the best."
James Davern, Agent Channel Manager, Optimum Lightpath

"You are truly a perfect partner. We want Innovative to represent us as much as possible in the marketplace. Forget that you are a master at sales and presentation; your focus on sale delivery/implementation, devotion to detail, thoroughness in follow up, and overall customer control is something we rarely see and it benefits all involved a great deal making the customer experience one for which we can all be proud of."
Ted Salame, Executive Director, MetTel

"Innovative Tel is an absolute pleasure to work with. Their professionalism and quality sales team are by far one of the best in the industry! Their knowledge and know how supercedes many out there today. I cannot say enough, what capable and trusting hands you are in when working with Innovative Tel."
Melissa Rose, Agent Accounts Manager, Optimum Business


"Ellen Tucker and her team provide an unparalleled level of service to our mutual clients. Their level of service, attention to detail, and proper solution recommendations is evidenced in every project we jointly undertake."
Gary E. Katen, President, GAIN Communications, Inc.

"As a telephone equipment vendor, we know how important dial tone and internet services are to our clients. Innovative Telecom is my go to vendor for these services. They offer a full cost analysis of your current dial tone bills and always have competitive prices to save you money. Innovative acts as your account manager and liaison with the carrier. When an issue arises, Innovative is on the phone with the carrier to get your issue resolved, saving you time and money."
Cheryl Sawyer, VP Sales Manager, Comtex Inc.

"Innovative is excellent in researching our client’s telecommunications needs. They always provide cost-effective solutions with several options for our clients. The fact that they have relationships with many major telecom providers adds a lot of credibility to their company. They are very responsive to our client’s needs and always a pleasure to work with."
Ken Fishkin, Director, and Howard Fishman, Principal, Cohn Consulting Group, JH Cohn.